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Local Fisherman With a Love For the Sea

"My roots are in the water and I come from the marsh." As a young boy, growing up in the small fishing town of Morehead City, located on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina, I discovered a love for the ocean and for the fresh, wild caught seafood it provided and how it always brought people together. 

As well as an avid fisherman, I also consider myself to be a conservationist at heart. I believe it is vitally important to preserve the natural bounties that this earth provides us, and to utilize them in a sustainable way.

As a local to the crystal coast I wanted to find a way to combine my passion for bringing people quality ingredients with supporting my friends and family from the fishing industry of North Carolina's coastline; Marsh Roots Seafood was born. I look forward to bringing the freshest, never frozen, seafood to my customers each week from the Carolina coast!

- Oliver Russell, CEO and Founder

Marsh Roots Seafood

Marsh Roots began as an avenue for championing the local fisherman of the North Carolina coastline. We, at Marsh Roots, are fishermen, conservationists, and food enthusiasts! We know good quality seafood and we also know that our local fishermen, born and bred by the sea, are the best people for this task because of their understanding of the delicate ecosystem we want to preserve as well as their ability to bring you the freshest harvest. Here at Marsh Roots, we want to liberate people from the notion that you can't know your fishermen and that fish are a sidebar ingredient for the American diet. Real fish from real people who work real hard is what we do. 

Call Us Whatever You Want

...Except Late To Lunch

We are here to supply you, or your business with the freshest North Carolina seafood available through our network of commercial fisherman. Timely deliveries will be made weekly for our restaurant partners in Central Virginia. Our retail customers can pre-order our seafood each week by signing up for our mailing list and picking up their wild caught seafood at our farmer's market stands in various locations throughout Central Virginia. Visit the Where to Find Us page for locations. We look forward to serving you!

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